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After reading the last page of this thread, basically Roxtar, ya sound like a puss. haha
Well son, that depends on your perspective.
I'm 63 and been doing the mtb thing for over 30 years. I did XC riding/racing for years, then bounced up to 12/24 hr races (team and solo) culminating in Leadville at age 51 while living at sea level (Chicago).
I then moved to the steep and sharp of northern New Mexico where I raced a couple DHs before jumping into the exploding enduro scene. I quit (for the most part) racing a few years ago after my 3rd concussion in two years. For the last couple years, I've been riding with a grade 5 AC separation on my right shoulder (from a high speed OTB in the rocks) and a torn rotator cuff on my left. A couple months ago, I did the Salida Enduro, where I was bested in Masters by four guys, none of which was within a decade of my age.
I've been called an O.G. Baddass by those who know and ride with me. I like that.

The reason for this bit of autobiographical back-slapping is to explain something:
It isn't that I CAN'T do a 10 mile uphill dirt road shit-slog to get to 5 miles of fun. I've done many.
It's that I don't enjoy it. And fun is why I ride bikes. 10 miles of misery for 5 miles of fun is a poor painleasure ratio IMO.

And that's why I'm not a fan of CB riding.