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    Pain Directly under ball of foot- metatarsalgia

    I've got a foot problem that gets very bad after a day in ski boots. There is a nerve that is being crunched in the very middle of the ball of my right foot. Any pressure on the sides of my feet (in particular, ski boots) causes a very intense shooting pain, especially at the end of the day when I take my foot out of the boot.

    Each year, this problem is getting a little bit worse. I've been to the doctor, i think the problem is called metatarsalgia. I've tried:

    -toe sling that holds up my second toe (doesn't help at all)
    -metatarsal pads (intended to separate the bones that are squishing the nerve), also don't help & uncomfortable to wear with ski boots
    -supportive insoles
    -switched to roomier ski boots

    What I'm wondering is whether anyone has ever had surgery to remove this nerve. If so, is it worth it? How long was recovery? Does the numbness affect your skiing? Did your insurance cover it? Any other recommendations?

    I feel like I've tried just about everything. And although it's really annoying, the real pain only lasts for about 30 seconds at a time, so it's not that big of a deal. But any ideas would be great.

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    pain under which specific met head?
    entire ball of foot or shooting/burning pain between 2 certain toes?

    whatever you do, don't rush into any foot me, i know!

    here's a great over the counter orthotic

    PM for specifics....glad to help...

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    Morton's neuroma.
    you are lucky its only in ski boots.
    mine felt like someone was putting a cigarette out on my toe.
    after months of that,one shot of steroid cured it.

    surgery would have been the next step.
    cutting the nerve can work,but the neuroma can also recur.
    some bury the end of the cut nerve in the bone to avoid recurrent pain from regrowth of the neuroma.

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    If your pain is directly under the ball of your foot, it is likely sesamoiditis. Similiar to a Morton's Neuroma, only different. There are two little pea sized bones under the metatarsal interphalangeal joint that have tendons/nerves running through them. This area is easily inflamed and difficult to heal. A Doc can recommend a particular type od orthotic modification, but commonly I just put a little pad behind the joint to relieve pressure.

    Works like a dream, but once you have bruised this area it will take a few weeks to calm down.

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    Definitely sounds like a morton's neuroma. Go see a good podiatrist or foot orthopod. You might be able to try a cortisone injection. If that doesn't work, most likely surgery.

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    Thanks for the resources and suggestions. I definitely need to go to a podiatrist again. I don't remember the doc offering a cortizone shot the first time, but I'll ask about it specifically.

    Maybe it's just getting compounded every day I ski. When the season started, I could last the whole day. At this point, the pain starts basically as soon as I put my foot in the boot.

    For clarification, the pain is definitely between 2 bones (2nd & 3rd toes?). It's not spread out under the entire ball of the foot.

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