Figured I'd throw this one in there. Broke my talus in a couple places, they salvaged 3 pieces and screwed them together. I coach a Big Mtn ski team, with the way snow had been we were playing in the park, I had been throwing misty 5's all morning and the left ankle exploded in my boot on the last one. This happened just cause of force and the fact that i need to start acting my age. Not cause of boots, I measure subtailored neutral to a 13, I wear a 10 ski boot, and they're Dobbie Pro 130's. Recover time will be sitting at 7.5 weeks total, 6.5 weeks from surgery I will be back on skis. Too late to get back on tour(FWT), but now I get to watch my athletes kill it. Dr. Conklin at Panorama in Golden did the surgery, he did a good job. Physical therapy right now is basically them just stretching and forcing movement to my ankle while I lay. Can't move side to side yet, but up and down are good. I was in a hard cast for 2 weeks, now I'm in a boot, still unweighted, but everything is looking good to get back skiing March 11th. Heres a couple pics. I also wanted to say I would def recomend Dr. Conklin if you have an ankle problem... that is all he does.