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    TR: Alpine 1/23/10 - Went for scraps got fresh

    TR: Alpine 1/23/10 - Went for scraps got fresh.

    Alpine Meadows,CA

    Expectations: Low we missed the powder day. Only expected soft snow scraps.

    Plenty surprised by the light to moderate snow all day with light to moderate winds.

    Skiers: StormDay, MrsStormDay, Abertsch, non Mag friend Mike (snowbroader), Little Miss StormDay #1, and Little Miss StormDay #2.

    photog: Abertsch and StormDay

    It was snowing in the parking lot when we drove in. Estelle, Beaver and High T closed - Plan for the day was going to have to change (well maybe not )

    Drop the kids off to team and headed to areas we hope to find soft snow in.

    Quick warmup lap

    StormDay checks out the conditions by some trees:

    MrsStormday found some good snow:

    After that we headed out a little farther looking for more good snow.

    StormDay found a nice pitch

    that led to

    the whiteroom:


    Abertsch looking for the whiteroom.

    It hard when you are taller than the trees:

    Mike found some sprayable snow:

    Where next

    Next we decided to invest a little more time into finding more fresh:


    The group's mood was very good at this point.

    (Kid stoke warning)
    After lunch it was time to hit the gnar of weasel with LMSD #2:

    Following dad. StormDay is trying the new 4 pole technique.

    It was boot deep:

    Of course post weasel gnar we had to do the terrain park:

    StormDay tests the Lhasa Pows in the park:

    Next LMSD#1 dragged us down Sympathy Face:

    StormDay found something nice:

    Sisters skiing together

    StormDay had to catchup

    Off to home
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    Vallee Teton
    great family powday stoke!

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    That's one sweet family ski TR up at Alpine.

    Nicely done.

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    Well done B. Those are some cute little rippers!
    "Don't tease me about my hobbies, I don't tease you about being an asshole"

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    awesome! my girls HATE powder. tomorrow they will be forced to submit.

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