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    Are Hwy 1 over Roger pass going to close?

    I'm have to catch my flight from Calgary on Saturday afternoon and going from Revelstoke with Greyhound. The problem is the storm coming in on Thursday. According to snow-forecast 80 cm of snow is dumping during Thursday and Friday. (

    Do someone have any experience how this effect the highway over Rogers Pass during Thursday and Friday, will they close it totaly or will it be delays but still possible to get through?

    An alternative would be to get over to Golden and ski some days in Kicking Horse before I leave for Calgary. Is it less avy-problem with the highway "after" Golden on the way to Calgary?


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    The road through Rogers will be closed at times for sure, perhaps totally closed for a few days. They do their best to keep it open, but shit happens sometimes.

    The road East of Golden closes less often and just looking at the forecast, I doubt you'll have any problems with that stretch.
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    Agreed Kicking horse pass/divide closes very infrequently. I've never been stopped and I'm out almost every weekend from Calgary. I think it did close for a day last year but there is an alternate route down valley that I'm sure the bus would take that.

    Lots of closures going from Golden through Rogers. Town of Golden can be clogged with semis.
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