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    Exclamation Rossignol Binding Problem

    I've searched and come up with nothing so...
    I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their rossi (look) bindings. My heel piece keeps sliding back and so my boot comes loose. I've been able to fix it but today It wouldn't budge. I let the binding thaw out then took a look at it and saw that the slider had broken. Just general use. Not stepping on the heel piece to take it off. Bought Them in a store at Whistler but I live in Calgary, so warranty may be an issue.

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    Your bindings are broken... as in NOT fixable. Your pictures are blurry and useless. You can warranty them at ANY Look/Rossi dealer. OK?

    P.S.- How do get your boot out of the binding without stepping on the heel anyway?
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    when you say the 'slider' is broken, do you mean the little aluminum bar that you lift to adjust your forward pressure? is it the axial2 binding? they tend to break down near where the teeth engage that hold your heel piece in place. I've broken that piece on my axial2's several times, it's a major design problem in my opinion. rossignol has a 2 year warranty on bindings i believe, so you could probably send them away if you purchased them recently. i've always just gone to a rental shop and asked if they have any of that part on some old bindings i could have. it might cost you a few beers.

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