Some of you may recognize me as the noob who's been trying to unload his Kingswoods for a while (they're still for sale BTW)

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Now you can add 'noob who bought the new JJ and fell in love' to that association.

Who am I: 6'2" 190, been riding off and on for 15ish years. Love a more laid back playfull feel in my skis. Something poppy but not noodley. Charge bowls occasionally but mostly look for stuff to jump off of and just have fun.

Days skied: 3 so far.

Conditions: Groomers, packed pow, 6" fresh Tahoe pow at Sugar Bowl

Terrain: Hard packed groomers, trees, open bowls.

Rating: 10 out of 10...most fun i have probably ever had on a ski.

The best way i can describe this ski is it's like riding a really fat really short ski. I definitely noticed the 115mm underfoot and the 185 length was spot of (for me) even though it feels like it's mounted very far forward.

The ski itself felt stable in the air, stable taking off and landing jumps (biggest drop was about 8ft, biggest jump was a 10 foot table at sugar bowl). To my amazement it was able to hold an edge on groomers very very well. I pushed the gas pedal down and occasionally the skis wanted to wander a little bit while they were flat but when I tiped them over the regular camber underfoot and the small amount of traditional sidecut hooked right up. I mounted a Marker Griffon at the suggested mounting point. I had wrestled with going back a few cm but ended up putting it right on the line. As mentioned above the deepest stuff i got it in was 6" but it seemed to float like a boat and never gave me any trouble. They are increadibly nimble in the trees and even do okay in the bumps (i'm not a bump skier and will avoid them but wasn't paniced by riding these things through a few of them time to time). While it's easy to ride them like a traditional sidecut ski it's really fun to get a little lazy and throw slashey turns at very high speed. I felt super confident in the trees knowing they would stop or turn on a dime. They were very light in the air and spun easily. I was throwing 1's off flat and 3's off little rollers with out much effort. I'm really excited to get them out on a deeper pow day and see what they can do.

The topsheet is confusing and ugly fortunately they're usually covered with snow which i no longer kick off on the lift. They're my first rocker/reverse camber ski so looking at them resting against the wall in my living room is kinda's interesting to see how little of the ski is actually making contact with the snow.

Bottom line is these sticks are amazing. I'm now selling my Kingswoods AND my park skis (182 dynastar troublemakers). Trimming the fat to a 2 ski quivver. Sad to say that my ARV's will now be my beater skis and my JJ's will be my all time ski.

[ame=""]F/S Kingswood FATS 185cm - Teton Gravity Research Forums[/ame]

Do yourself a favor and buy a pair if you can find them...