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    actually or in my head?

    Review: Bluehouse Maestro's - an EC review

    Had them up at Jay this past weekend. Packed powder, some chopped up powder, some freeze/thaw crust forming over untracked. Not the ideal conditions for these skis, but wanted to take them out before heading out to UT next week.

    Skis I really liked: Head mojo 105 (my go to ski)
    Softer gotama vintages
    Megawatts (touring)

    Skis I liked: XXL's (187)
    Bro's 188 soft
    Verdicts (black fire)

    Skis I didn't like: Mantra's
    Big Troubles (older vintage ~06 maybe)
    B-squads 184 and 189
    K2 clown shoes

    Mounted on the traditional line: 84.4cm from tail with look px binders.

    I was worried that these skis would be all over the place on groomers in these conditions. I was completely wrong. I could tell they were 118mm underfoot, but never had a complaint railing on hard pack. The length makes them pretty stable as the running length is decent (don't have a number...check They were a little squirrely on the flats, but that's to be expected for such a large ski.

    In the woods and chop these things were amazing. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an EC tree ski to get these. Doesn't plow through the chop as much as a stiffer ski, but has a nice easy flex and just works. I can't really describe it, maybe it's due to the easy turning, but I could just toss these wherever I wanted and they were already there. The only limit on these skis in the EC woods would be your legs, as mine were toast on the first day out this season.

    I also took these into some bumps, some hard, some soft. They were smooth. Of course not ideal, but definitely handled them nicely and dare I say...actually fun!

    So concluding, if you are looking for an EC woods, powder, chop ski, the Maestro's are your answer. You will not be disappointed. They will handle groomers, yet are also incredibly maneuverable in the woods. Can't wait to open them up out west.

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    Thanks for the review. Looking to pick these up soon.

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    How are the skis holding up? Have you seen any durability issues or the camber fading as you ski? Thinking about pulling the trigger.

    Thinking about getting a pair for EC trees and trips out west.

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    i have to confirm everything..skiied them this weekend..loved them!!

    mounted them marker jester, as the house said..i think that the sweet spot..loved them in the wood, in the slopes for is a little hard but that was expected!for construction issues is a little too early..but i'll keep an eye on them!but as i can read and hear around Bluehouse looks pretty good..we will see tho..i need the camber, it cannot just disappear!

    but i think the construction is good so far..just the graphic part needs to more protected..

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    Tacking this on here instead of starting a new thread

    Maestro's mounted with Dukes. Reused holes, so I'm mounted a bit forward of the line.

    Had 2 days in heavy east coast "powder". Approximately 1-2ft.

    Skis I like: Explosivs (all time favorite), G4's (Daily Driver), 188 Stiff Bro.

    Thoughts on Maestro:
    Crud/ Tracked: Its pretty soft, probably the softest ski I've ever skied beside the Sanouk. However, it did surprisingly well in heavy chop. The tips rode over things incredibly well and they do not get hung up. At first I was concerned because I like a stiffer ski the busts though.

    Untracked: Fun when they get up to speed and start to plane, very manueverable and slarvey. They're just as slarvy as Lotus 138's that I previously owned. I did get bogged down in some heavy slop / low angle and came to a grinding halt. I wouldn't expect anything to do better in those conditions though.

    Trees: Fun, as everyone has said. Rocker makes for a short running length that is quick to turn.

    Groomers: They'll carve, which is something I had issues with on the 138's. I'm not talking about 80m radius carves either. Get up some speed and you can lay 'em over.

    Over all I'm happy with them. The shape is great for soft snow, slarvy etc yet is great for cattracks and getting back to the lift. They're light enough to tour with. Graphics are sweet. Waist width is a balance between useful and overkill.

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    I am curious about the bases, are they holding up? Other reviews have mentioned a thin base, is that your experience?

    Buying local has it's appeal and I skied with somebody this year that ripped on Maestro's. Prices are really damn good, too bad they are sold out....right?

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    I have 4 days on mine so far at Squaw and the bases have held up fine. The topsheets and top sides have chipped a good amount but that is all aesthetic.

    Overall, I am very happy with them. They have been good in the Sierra cement. They handle in the chop and are super easy to recover if you get tossed in the back seat. Agree with the other posters about groomers, they are not the best but you can def rail a turn once you get some speed.
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    I'd say the bases are a little soft. I haven't gone to the core, but i've got some nice gouges on some insignificant rocks. I suppose I'm not afraid to run stuff over though. YMMV

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    tele ready?

    has anyone tried these with a tele set up? or are they strickly for alpine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecojigs View Post
    has anyone tried these with a tele set up? or are they strickly for alpine?
    Viggen, my little brother, tele's them all the time. PM him for details.
    Flying the Bluehouse colors in Western Canada! Let me know if you want some rad skis!!

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