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    LA Mags: Restaurants????

    Search function. Check. Lazy. Check. Yep, wrong forum. I'm a jackass. OK, got that of the way. Need to buy my sister y brother in law a nice dinner for the holidaze They're in El Segundo. Nothing too stupid expensive or too far way. Kewl, groovy amtmosphere with solid food is more the ticket. What say ye?

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    In-N-Out gift certificates
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    The finest Mexican Food on the planet is at El Tarasco's. There are numerous locations in El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. There is an area east of Sepulveda Blvd and on Rosecrans that houses many fine places to eat. McCormick and Schmick's comes to mind. Charthouse in Redondo is always a good choice.

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    My vote goes to the non-expensive options, just get them a few, to different places.

    Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach
    Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach
    El Rocoto in Gardenia

    all pretty close to El Segundo

    if you want just one, and high end

    Cafe-Pierre in Manhattan Beach looks like it has a great menu and sort of the fun \ trendy atmosphere you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdump View Post
    The finest Mexican Food on the planet is at El Tarasco's.
    Pancho's in Manhattan Beach has great Mexican, strong margaritas, and the kewl atmosphere you're looking for, though it's a little more expensive than Tarasco's. Don't forget to have a Bud at the Poop Deck after dinner.

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    El Tarasco's is indeed very good mexican but the one in Manhattan Beach is the epitome of SoCal beach town burrito shack. Very cool, but maybe not the atmosphere you are looking for,

    Mangiamo is however one of the swankier and fun places to go out in the South Bay, at least it was when I lived there. Food was pretty good as well. Make sure they get a table in the wine cellar room.

    Café Boogaloo is a fun place to get Cajun food and your drink on, before catching a awesome blues-rock show and dancing with MILFs.
    This may be the grooviest of the ones I mention.

    Bottle Inn was another favorite, again wine cellar room is fun.

    Then there is the rest of LA, which has pretty good eats.

    It’s dark and wet outside, and it will be raining on the mountain by weekend. It’s probably 75 and sunny down there and volleyball is always on. I miss Hermosa Beach sometimes….
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    Quote Originally Posted by Platinum Pete View Post
    In-N-Out gift certificates
    bumped for accuracy and truth.

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    Waterfront Restaurant in Marina Del Rey. More than a restaurant. There's a sports bar, concert hall, comedy club and good ambience. Here's the link...

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    go to downtown manhattan beach cause it's cool and more importantly has many good looking women walking around.

    hennesey's for reasonably priced pub fare
    petros for pricey but great middle eastern
    mucho for pricey but great mex w/ big tequilla selection
    also agree w/ recommendation of panchos for mex though doesn't have the downtown vibe

    also good vibe by the hermosa peir w/ more pub options (another henessey's) and many sushi bars

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    el cholo

    the BEST mexican food in los angeles. great margaritas too. having lived here for 5 years it's the best food i've found at a restaurant in los angeles. there's one near downtown, so not too far from el segundo.

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    Bottega Louie- downtown $$
    Bouchon- Beverly Hills $$$
    Westside Tavern- west la $$
    These are my favorites right now.
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