Sled exp.

Sledding for 4 years in the Whistler area. Was a sled guide for a couple of seasons..not that that counts for too much but holy shit can I dig
Have owned my own sled for 2 seasons (800 xp). I would consider myself an advanced rider with a lot to learn. I am aware of my own limitations and tend not to get myself into bad situations. I have intimate terrain knowledge of Chance Creek/Tricouni/Cypress Bowl areas, as well as Rainbow alpine/sub-alpine via Cougar, and Brandywine/Metaldome.

Ski exp.

I was a guide for a local cat skiing operation for 3 years. Half of that time up front with my own cat. I have CSGA and CAA Level 1 certs. I have extensive backcountry experience. I make conservative decisions on hazards and will easily bail on a line if I deem it prudent no matter how many tracks are on it. Some people find this annoying...I don't give a shit. I am looking for riding partners with a similar intolerance for making stupid decisions.


I am chill. I am 420 friendly but I typically don't smoke and ride. I'm fine if you do. I like single malt scotch.

Goals for this season

I am looking to get to know the Rutherford. I like skiing trees and pillows. I don't care for high-consequence, exposed lines...I'm too old for that shit. I have a kid I want to see grow up. I would like to do at least a couple over-night missions with steaks and scotch. I would be down with a road trip too..Revy is on my hit-list.


You know how to use a beacon, shovel, and probe, and have at least a rec. avy course under your belt. You are at least an advanced sledder and skier/snowboarder. You are not a dick.