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Thread: Knee Strength

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    Ya, this IS all a big shot in the dark without assessing your legs. I agree with gonzo as far as the possibility that you are having a quad imbalance in relation to lateral and medial vastus ratio but if your hams are weak you could also be having problems. If I were you I would spring for a single evaluation and recommendation session with a good PT that specializes in sports/orthopedic conditions. It's hard to give you much good advise without a thorough assessment.

    Good Luck.
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    Originally posted by jayfrizzo
    Where are your ski poles?

    If your gonna skate do it right skate ski!
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    My knees look something like this:

    I'll post a pic of my knees when I get a chance.

    They always have looked like that. I have in the past been to a PT for knee pain. I haven't had problems since HS though. Now all of the sudden when walking around on campus (usually at the end of the day) I have minor pain in my right knee.

    I should probably just spring for the doc and save myself alot of greif down the road.
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    You should go to an OS.

    Hyperextension pulls on the ACL. It may be fine however. You may just be built that way. Everyone is diff.

    Hyperextension is one of the motions that modern functional knee braces can protect against. These are the expensive ones, not the ones in Rite-Aid. I have a InovationSports Cti brace and it does protect against hyperextension, but not twisting.

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    Dude you got on hell of a problem with your knee, you should see someone about that .

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