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    Busted bb5 mech brakes?

    What am I doing wrong?

    First thing I'm doing wrong is maintaining my lady's bike. Yeah, I know.

    It's an older Giant VT2 with Avid BB5 mechanical disk brakes. They've always been decent to us.

    After a trip when the front wheel came off for transport, the front brake stopped working. The level pulls the cable and moves the brake arm, but the calipers weren't moving any closer to the disk. I then disassembled the brake (mistake #2?). Even without the cable attached, moving the brake arm doesn't move the calipers closer to each other - no more clamping action. In fact, even with the dials backed out now, the pads rub against the rotor at all times. If I dial them both in without the wheel on, the pads meet.

    I was hoping it was a tuning issue, but now I'm wondering if the brake is shot. Removing the cable, you'd think that moving the arm should actuate the calipers, and that seems not to be happening anymore.

    Obvious solution paths include the local bike shop, or a tragic duck hunting accident. What else should I try first?

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    I would just say avoid all the hassle and buy new ones, they are pretty cheap.

    $35 from pricepoint:

    $35 w/ free shipping from Jenson USA:

    Or tragic duck hunting accident sounds cool too. What does that mean? SHoot them with a 12ga?
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    Don't buy new BB5s, pony up a little more and get BB7s. They're MUCH better. At Greenfish Mountain Sports (online) you can pick them up for $40 each, with free shipping.

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    Great service spoke to him on facebook, go to the shop , he finished with a customer , got my parts and I was on my way !

    We also had some chit chat time to talk about old projects and new projects!

    Will be doing business with you guys again.

    BTW good luck on your new project I cant wait to see it

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