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    Damn nice TR.

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    Thanks guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeywrenchMoose View Post
    Out of curiosity, what camera are you using?
    Most of the good photos are with a Canon PowerShot SD1200. Just a simple point and shoot that we got from Costco for a couple hundred bucks, takes good pictures so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by rockcreek View Post
    west fork of the gallatin river? the trail looks a lot like buck ridge to Ousel falls. darn purty

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    Nice. Proves that the scenery WAS as good as it looks.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDingleberry View Post
    pissing in a sink? fucking rookies. Shit in an oven, then you'll be pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panchosdad View Post
    Wow, we were just in Montana doing a very similar trip, although I think the only trail we rode in common was Tahepia Lake. My wife even had a brand new Turner as well. Wanted to do the Italian Peaks ride (that was your first?), but never made it quite that far. Managed to do Mile Creek, Pika Point, Helena ridge, Tahepia, Curly Lake, Bangtail divide and Portal to Porcupine. Amazing single track everywhere, and I think we saw four mt. bikers on our whole trip.

    Got to get some lobbying done while it's all still fresh.
    Dan! and anyone else with a hankering for a bit of lobbying.

    Here is a link to Senator Tester. I suggest that you also visit the MMBA website for more info.

    Crux of the biscuit is that you were traveling to Montana to mountain bike. That you spent your good money here and a large part of the reason is/was the riding and that you support alternative options rather than closures to specific trails.

    Options including easements, corridors and other sensible approaches that preserve the non-motorized areas yet allow for quiet recreation.


    BTW, did you get that Der. hanger yet?

    I leave Atlanta tomorrow a.m. to fly back to MT, I am looking at attending CSAW and riding in GJ, maybe we can try it again.


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