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    Quote Originally Posted by TahoeJ View Post
    I have the exact same Noctas (although I'm ditching the 185's and have some new 190's coming in the mail). I'm curious, given that context, how do you like those Atris?
    Cant say yet as the atris and the nocta are new additions for this season. Hoping that combo with shifts works out and can use them when traveling, touring, resort and sled skiing. Howd you like the 185 Noctas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiwald View Post
    Cant say yet as the atris and the nocta are new additions for this season. Hoping that combo with shifts works out and can use them when traveling, touring, resort and sled skiing. Howd you like the 185 Noctas?
    Ahh, I just noticed you mounted Shifts on both. I'm doing the same on my new 190 Noctas. I really like the 185's (got to use them a ton last March), but as they are progressively mounted I just wanted a little more ski in front of my boot. If I wasn't heading to Japan in January I probably wouldn't have bothered, but that just seems like such a perfect setup for Hokkaido.

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    That is a sweet graphic of St. George slaying the Dragon.

    My junk...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GOPR1272.jpg 
Views:	147 
Size:	1.45 MB 
ID:	255736

    Fischer Bigstix 106 180
    Rossi E98 188
    Salomon Sandstorm 101 186
    Volkl Grizzly 89 184
    Rossi Super 7's 115 195
    Dynastar Legend Pro 95? 194 (x2)
    Stockli Asteroid ? 186?
    Rossignol W's DH 215
    PM Gear Lhasa Pow 186

    Nothing fancy, just stiff, gofast boards for me.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_7100.jpg 
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ID:	256300

    Not the best pick but it will do for now.

    184 WSD Superior 112 need bindings (car incident last winter I had to sale them.

    184 Wagner 109 underfoot getting FKS Geeze Toe

    186 Volant Spatula looking for look ZRs to work with previous mounts

    191 Wubanger/WSD 125 underfoot flat camber Will get FKS

    187 WSD Espresso 111

    183 Rossi Axioms

    190 Igneous FFF my favorite classified find of all time its awesome

    183 Volant Huckster (ski swap find)

    188 Dynastar Big

    184 Bluehouse ski

    183 WSD Espresso 98
    If ski companies didn't make new skis every year I wouldn't have to get new skis every year.

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    The Quiver Pic Rerun Thread

    57, 160 lbs, 60+ days, season passes at Baker and Whistler.

    Often leave 2-3 skis at Whistler (were there every weekend) and keep another 1-2 in truck for Baker midweek days.

    Hence overlap.

    Boots: Dalbello Krypton 130s (2 pairs) and Dalbello Lupo 120s.

    2018/ it down to 6 skis:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_3526.JPG 
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Size:	167.4 KB 
ID:	256365


    182cm Moment PBJ + Jesters (-5) - daily driver, no new snow, fast ripping on groomers

    181cm Icelantic Nomad 105 + Dukes (-5.5) - 105 waist good for sidecountry, do everything ski,

    181cm Icelantic Nomad 115 +Jesters (-6) - pow at Whistler, 2mm camber for sketchy stuff

    181cm Moment Meridian 117 + Jesters (-5.5) - these replaced my Renegades, fast/fun pow, smeary, mostly for Baker

    Not pictured:

    181cm 4FRNT InThaynes + Jesters (-6) - fast porpoisy pow!!

    176cm 4FRNT MSP 99 + Jesters (-8) - groomers
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    I love big dumps.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20181125_134008.jpg 
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Size:	621.6 KB 
ID:	257077
    181 CD104L ATK Freeraider 14, touring
    182 CD114 Salomon Shift, touring+sidecountry
    180 Bonafide, harder snow
    181 Qst106, soft snow between rocks
    188 Legend X106, DD
    Gotama 186, for sale.

    Hawx xtd 120 & Head Raptor rs130

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    After being one of those guys with 15+ pairs, it feels good to have a reasonable quiver.
    181 presters, sth2 16s
    181 Kartel 98s, sth2 16s
    188 pb&js, sth2 13s
    181 Jeffrey 114s, sth2 16s
    184 Billy goats, sth2 16 cast plates
    181 Jeffrey 122s, fks 155s (either to be replaced by sth2s or changed to wtr AFDs)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20181202_144352.jpeg 
Views:	100 
Size:	174.7 KB 
ID:	258192Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20181202_143721.jpeg 
Views:	102 
Size:	79.0 KB 
ID:	258193

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    My quiver looked a lot like that at one point

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    Tidying up the cellar and its been a while since I did this last time. Some of this gear makes me feel old...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2018 Quiver.jpg 
Views:	71 
Size:	266.5 KB 
ID:	258667

    L > R
    168cm Kstle BMX 118 2013 for the wife

    189cm Down CD 114L 2018 going to replace the slot the MTN Labs are going to leave and may be 50% inbound days as well.

    184cm G3 Tonic 2009? everyday tourer and last couple of years dds more often than not.

    184cm Salomon MTN Lab 2016 selling them

    190cm Down CD 3 Carbon 2014 selling them. Got them to replace the XXLs. Best ski in the line up for sidecountry, just for the times it gets chopped up/hard I never felt as comfortable on them as with the XXLs. Just couldn't get the tails to behave as I really wanted to on hard snow

    194cm Down CD 1 Carbon 2014 Wardens were the dumbest idea ever. Awesome for the couple of deep days per season, but they are the heaviest skis in this line-up. I never lugged them up a mountain once

    194cm Dynastar Legend XXL 2008 DDs until last 2 seasons, when back problems meant I needed something lighter. When the back feels up to it, I still grab them before all others

    198cm Salomon X-Wing Labs 2008 I looked so hard for this ski, found it used 2010. I love it, take it out once a season. Quite slarvy in everything but piste. Getting back to the lifts, it only goes straight. Even though its got more side cut than the XXLs, if you put it on edge, it just carries on going straight. Only difference is Im lopsided going straight.

    200cm Forktree Skis FrankenQuaddump 2010ish? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. Only used it 3 times. Wanted a Big Dump with M1111 Fishtail and all in 200cm please

    186cm Line Prophets 100 2006 Sentimental value

    206cm Dynastar G9 Coupe haven't got a clue, were given to me from the shop as they were going in the bin. Needed something for longboard days.

    I really wanted to like the MTN Labs, but they ski too short. Look at the binding mount compared to the g3 tonics (same length). For someone lighter they'd be great, but as soon as its above ankle I sink like a submarine. In anything other than that they were great. Light but stiff enough to deal with most chopped up conditions and had a confidence inspiring edge hold, I never noticed the width. I'd have to remount so far back that it'd fuck with the geometry. And i fucking hate the beasts...

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    livin the dream
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ORG_DSC01919.JPG 
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Size:	123.3 KB 
ID:	259298

    196 Protest
    192 GPO
    187 Deathwish Tour
    187 Bonafide
    156 Thrillofit

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    1992 - 2012
    Squaw Valley, USA

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    Here's my quiver. 6' 0", 28 years old, ski mostly at Alta, occasional tours, like to charge, learning to get spinny, no flippy.

    4FRNT Renegade 186cm - 1st generation - Marker Dukes: Deep powder, country club days at Alta, never tour on these any more

    Blizzard Rustler 11s 188cm - Look Pivot 18s: Soft snow, feeling tricky

    Blizzard Cochise 185cm - Marker Griffon demo bindings: soft snow, wind buff, feeling sendy

    Volkl Mantra 184cm - Maker Jesters: hard snow, feeling tricky, groomer ripping

    4FRNT Raven 184cm - 1st generation - Dynafit Speed Radicals: touring
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    pissing in a sink? fucking rookies. Shit in an oven, then you'll be pro.

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