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It is fused all thoracic, (12 levels, first 2 lumbar). I can move cervical 1-7, and lumbar L3,4,5. The interesting thing is this: The spine is actually designed primarily to NOT MOVE. Effective athletes have super stable spines, and really mobile powerful hips and shoulders. So... I actually have had to learn to really train hip extension, and lateral movements. Heavy deadlifting to build rock glutes, hams, abs, and spinal erectors, some lateral band work, and presses for shoulder mobility. It seems that the big strength movements have helped me develop such great motor control, my muscles tend to create, store, and use high levels of elastic force well, sparing the spine. It's been a wild, enjoyable ride learning how to compensate. Thank God for human performance/fitness strides in the last 2o years.
You just truly inspired me, and made my stupid little thread meaningless!! Props to you for enduring, my 2 level fusion is nothing. I am now 3 months out and feeling great and ready to rip. Doing lots of PT and stretching, no impact yet. Getting ready to lift alot and do some low level BC hikes.