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Thread: southern france

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    southern france

    yo i'm heading to southern france and spain for september and october, any maggots out there ? or any pointers ?
    shut up and ski

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    don't drown. /rimshot

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    A bit late replying, but check out hossegor (sp), cool little surf town, retained the french feel but also has some sick bars, good night life etc. and also some of the best surf in the country, hosts major comps etc. its also right next to Capbreton (once again sp) which is also renowned for its world class surf, (waves can get pretty big around these parts aswell depending on when you hit them). Then obviously bairritz, which id avoid, beautiful place if your into your busy upper class citiy kind of architecture, but everyone is stuck up as hell, very expensive and surf seemed shite when i went, hossegor had a way more relaxed vibe about it. Saw an awesome storm over the atlantic when i was there aswell. these are all obviously on the very south west coast, i also visited biscarosse, north west coast, a hell of a lot more working class, seemed like a bit of a shit hole but the surf looked pumping.

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