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An in the house bat hunting expedition?

When we were kids 12ish or so a bat got in the house when mom and dad were out. Had some friends over and we were watching TV when WTF was that flew over our heads and then back out of the room...Door gets slammed. And then what?

Of course we arm up...tennis racket, broom, BB gun. And go hunting.

Chase ensued. Room to room. Finally saw it land on the curtains in the living room. Hopefully it's off to the side of the big picture window...

Took a shot with the BB gun and actually got it. Didn't break any windows with BBs or tennis racket.

Was quite an adventure.
In college we'd get them in the cold dorm of our frat house and hunt them with tennis rackets. One time some clown turned out the lights on us, panic ensued.