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    TR - Parapet, Carr, Castle Towers and Sphinx, 2009.04....

    WHEW. Thot 420 killed bcbudz for a second there. Major buzzkill.

    Some things are worth the hike. Uno.

    Parapet Peak

    Wanted to ski this neato glaciated north face. Took a turn atop it, deemed it unenjoyably icy, and skied corn on the southwest face (in the light on the right).

    Bookworms bergschrund beauty

    Parapet and Isosceles

    Making a little downclimb to a better break spot before skiing. Far below are three skiers who have been doing the McBride Traverse from Blackcomb for seven days.

    Fun skiing in the Gray Glacier arear.

    Kicking steps up Parapet

    Enjoying steps up Parapet

    Trekking toward the summit of Parapet.

    That's Sphinx across the way. We'll get to that in a couple of days.


    Hannah skis an icysteepexposed spot high on Parapet.

    Good snow on the southwest face.

    More good snow.


    The East Face of Carr looked irresistible from the summit of Parapet. Carr with the three summits of Castle Towers on the right in the background.

    Ski tips on the summit above the East Face of Carr.

    Andy on sweet corn a couple thousand feet later in the Gray Glacier arear.

    Next, we frolic to the east summit of Castle Towers.

    Simultaneous sun and snow next to Phyllis's Engine on the Cheakamus Glacier.

    Andy on the east summit of Castle Towers.

    The NW Face is in the sun, see previous TR. Lake Cheakamus is visible way down there.

    Through a notch next to Phyllis's Engine to return to the Sphinx Glacier side.

    Andy skis a fun little cruxy slope below the notch...

    ...which led to neverending corn. Tres.

    Finally we do a tour from Sphinx Bay up the Sphinx Glacier, climbing Sphinx, then descending to Garibaldi Lake via the Sentinel Glacier to form a beautiful Sphinxter ring.

    Have to put this somewhere on the internet for my mom; not sure how I got caught with such a big smile on my face.

    Skinning toward the Sphinx

    Very cool clouds at the pass below the Sphinx.

    The southwest side of Sphinx has a spectacular hanging snowfield that made for a great ski.

    The snow was so good that zero visibility didn't even matter.

    Andy made it a day by doing Deception before meeting us on Sphinx and finishing the day with Price. Nice circuit. Thanks for a great trip, Andy and Hannah!
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    I haven't heard of these mountains because there is obviously nothing good to ski there. Pwnd.

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    North Vancouver/Whistler
    I blew that call. btw - i know the mcbride group and they reported conditions as abysmal!!

    yo powdherb - here's a map for you with general area if you can join us

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    Hope to be doing as well as you soon. Some quality mountain travel right there.
    "The skis just popped me up out of the snow and I went screaming down the hill on a high better than any heroin junkie." She Ra

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    I love the look of glaciated mountains.
    I can't believe you are a rando racer because I look so much better in Lycra than you.

    People who don't think the Earth is flat haven't skied Vail.

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    You guys see any donkey balls out that way?

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    604 - get with the program. Donkey balls are on the icy N faces. Nut licking goodness are south slopes.

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