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    Women Specific Boots

    My sister is looking for boots and as I am a male I do not know anything about the "women specific" boots.

    She is an intermediate skier, 22 yrs old, does not ski off-piste only groomers, skiing style is average. Her calfs are larger than normal but footbed is pretty small.

    From what I have read so far Nordica Sport 14 or 12 should fit her style.

    Anyone recommend any other brands that would fit her style? Yes she is going to get fit out specifically for her foot by a boot fitter but I'd like to research any good boots before hand.

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    The new Head Dream series is great for women. It has a double tounge, so it fits well around the calf. Women's Head boots are one of the few that have a true womans last, not a small men's last. They come in a 8.5 to a 12.5 flex rating. hope this helps.
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