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    Review: ON3P JBS

    Simple Review on the ON3P JBS

    186cm JBS
    Tip Rocker = 25cm x 2cm
    Tail Rocker = 15cm x 1.5cm
    Mount = -7 from Center
    Flex= Medium Soft

    Myself: 5'9 170lbs

    Skied them at Whistler and Baker on 13 Different Days
    Condtions: Ice, Hard packed Groomers, Crud, and 7" Pow
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    Got up to Whistler on the 18th of December. Temperature was -5 to -10
    Everything was groomed or iced over. Was a little nervous at first, but was very very surprised at how well the skis handled.

    Skis never chattered at high speeds. Started ripping some GS and Slalom turns without effort. This was probably the highlight of my day, I couldn't believe how easy it was to do this with rockered skis on ice.

    Switch skiing was smooth comfortable, and fun.

    By this point I started getting cocky and took it down some moguls. Not bad, but probably won't do it again.

    All in all, one of the easiest 6 days of skiing in crud and ice .

    __________________________________________________ ________________
    Got to Baker on the 23rd

    Finally got to test the ski in some pow. Temperatures ranged from 18-28 degrees. About 7-8" of fresh snow.

    It saw everything from tight trees, narrow chutes, to big open terrain.

    My TWO favorite things about the JBS is 1) the response time is unbelievable....especially in the trees. 2) Landing all my hucks (Range: 6-20ft) felt effortless and easy.

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    Before I got to ski on the JBS... I thought all the ON3P reviews were a little bit exaggerated. But wow did Scott and ON3P nail the design on these JBS.

    If I only had one ski, this would be my one ski quiver.

    JBS is the third ski on the right ( Pictures taken from Scott's post)
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    Nice. Thanks for the review. Now I need to get on them myself . Now if only the freezing levels would drop....
    Seriously, this canít turn into yet another ON3P thread....

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    I agree, the two ON3P's I have been on have blown me away.

    Scott, I just responded to your other PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iggyskier View Post
    Nice. Thanks for the review. Now I need to get on them myself . Now if only the freezing levels would drop....
    You could always come back to CO. I think we might have some snow in a few spots.

    Glad to hear another solid ON3P review. Looks like your patience and determination are paying off so far.

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