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    Driving Question -- Bozeman to Driggs

    So tomorrow I'm driving from Bozeman to Driggs and I'm wondering if its faster to go on 191 the whole way or to take 287 for the northern half. We're leaving at 4:30am so any help tonight would be appreciated.

    Thank you...

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    287 is the best route to Driggs. There are a lot twist and turns in the road, and the road condition are a little better. You also avoid going through the 55mph zone in Yellowstone. Just make sure to make the turn onto 87 and go over Reynolds Pass,or all your extra effort will be lost in back tracking.

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    I've never taken 287 except to get the the earthquake lake, so I can't help you there. I've always taken 191 the whole way for that trip. There were times when an alternate route would have been better. If weather is bad, that trip can take forever. If there's fresh snow and strong wind, it could be whiteout from the Idaho border all the way to Ashton. I've taken that stretch locked in traffic that was going 20 mph. The forecast for West Yellowstone tomorrow doesn't look too bad, so I'd probably take 191. If you take 287, post the distance and time of the trip. I'd like to have an alternative to use when the weather is gnarly.

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    From what I've heard three forks is a shit show with all the blowing snow. Which leads to this:

    The only time I've tried the 287 route was in a snowstorm on the way home and I thought it might be better than driving through the canyon. I was wrong and it was a friggen whiteout in the open country. Immediately backtracked and took the canyon and it was much better.

    I'm a 191 kinda guy.

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    287 adds about 35 miles to the trip, some of which is over Beartrap Canyon (when you hit Norris road @ 4Corners) which isn't exactly the most friendly driving when the weather is shitty. The drifts you'll hit there, and then in Madison Valley make the road much worse than it would be in the Gallatin canyon or the park. Basically, there is no non-shitty way to Driggs from Bozeman.
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    I'd recommend 191 as well...and that can still be a shitty drive if the weather is bad. I have a good story about doing 360's upside down in a Ford Exploder somewhere in the Last Chance vicinity back in the day.

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    yeah, the only real answer to the question is 'it depends'. unfortunately you wont know if you have chosen poorly until it is too late. generally i prefer 287, but we do have high wind warnings in the area and the blowing and drifting snow would suck.
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