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    K2 ObSethed 179 review

    Not a great ski reviewer, nor a gear junkie but anyway somebody may find this useful. Oh and sorry for my english.

    179 Obsethed mounted at +3 with Look PX12
    Me: 5'11'', 185lbs. Not a great skier but nor a gaper anyway. Prefer mid to long radius turns.
    Conditions: a sickta gnar 300' hill. Some 2-3'' inches of soft snow on top of soft groomers with some patches of ice and hard invisible bumps here and there.

    So this ski is definitely versatile as it can handle the conditions for which it isn't meant with ease. Due to the rocker it feels quite hooky and carves short radius turns without a doubt esp. when it is soft. It hates ice and doesn't hold any edge on it. Still ice is skiable but requires some skidded turns.
    OTOH When it comes to soft stuff it really shines providing with some great surfy feeling.
    The ski feels very maneuverable and skis really short.
    Of course the conditions I encountered were not great for such kinda test the ski proved to be a decent all-mountain weapon and should be superb in deep stuff.
    As I try it in something deeper I re-post here.

    Bottom line: buy this ski in 189 only otherwise you loose

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    Just a shorty update.
    Now after I skied them in the deepest stuff imaginable I do think they're some of the floatiest things I've ever tried. Actually I felt them equal to Hellbents in terms of float and I don't think I'll ever want anything more rockered and/or wide for the deep stuff. Still on everything else I'd rather prefer the 190 Katanas.
    That's it! =)

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