I'll add more later, but here are the Cliff Notes:

Skis; 187 Districts
Mount; Center mount with PX 15s
Skier; 6'2" 165, agressive
Conditions; Varied. See below.

I just wrapped by third straight day on these at Big Sky. Its been snowing for two days and its cold. The next three days will provide more mixed conditions.

Overall, I wont piss & moan about the skis causing me to "go over the bars," but I had low expectations so I am pleasantly surprised. The skis are lively and the conditions are right considering the camber issue.

Groomers/piste: Pretty good and better than expected. On edge easily, decent edge hold, quick turns. You can lay on it and it will hold. Positioning was best at slightly forward.

Ice (man made): Sucks. Not surprised.

Powder: Fun. Good float, easily maneuverable. Tip will dive if you are not staying in your sweet spot. A little weight rotation and you are back on top. Positioning was best at center. If I was forward the tips were diving.

Cut up: Fun. Just keep some speed and these will bust through anything I found so far. Again, weight was best at center.

Overall, not a one ski quiver, but a fun ski. The decambering issue does not really matter to me as its been snowing for two days. It likely will later. The construction seems to be holding up; I've hit some rock and tree roots and bases are OK. I have some peeling on the top sheet of the left ski, no big deal.

I may use the warranty to try the Shoots. I wish I had a rockered ski today.