Bought these sticks for my everyday tahoe shreading tool. Was looking at guns, goats, bros, p4, steeze... basically all big mtn skis. Went w the 4frnts because of the amazing price on bc. At first i was concerned about their size (i was jumping from a 176 - 189) Finally got my first "real" day on them... im in love

4frnt 189 vct 08
ninja 914 (atomic ffg14)
full tilt bb

20 yrs old
15ish yrs skiing
pretty good shape

my skis:
scratch bc - main ski (what im replacing) 176
ol 1080s - park 169
toons 179? - pow

goats 183
lizzies 172

8" of fresh dry soft goodness

Initial impression:
top sheet is real clean
skis are light for a 189 w 914s (lighter than 183 goats w markers)
flex is medium/soft (a little softer than goats but not even close to lizzies)
shape is almost identical to goats... just wider
they are huge!

Groomers - they rail... just put them on edge and give them a little flex and they hold huge turns beautifully... The flex gives you a nice spring out of the turn. They like to be pointed down hill and they like to go fast! I havent found a speed limit yet. It would be hard to carve shorter turns on them without hopping but who likes to turn on groomers anyway

Chopped pow / slight crud - once again they rail... this is really where they shine... They are big enough to mash over everything and the flex is really responsive. In between turns, the flex rebounds you out of the last turn... this combined with the super light weight make it easy to swing around the ski for shorter turns or trees. The best thing is letting them loose and making huge turns at super speeds.

pow - they float almost as much as the toons... but your actually skiing not the "sloshin" around feeling the toons have

If you ski a resort where decent snow is common... these kick ass as an everyday stick. Perfect for the rider who wants an allmtn or "good snow" ski but doesnt want to pay a volkl price. The 182 would rock as a touring ski.