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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Scott View Post
    So, I hate to ask questions without doing some research, but I am not entirely sure if I am understanding some of the data I have looked at.

    My understanding the last time we had an el nino event of this strength the Lone Peak / Big Sky area saw above average snow falls, not significantly, but still lists them as above average. Mean while Bridger bowl reports below average. Is it likely we can expect that same kind of weather with this event? It seems strange looking at the maps that south western Montana would see anything "Above average" based on the visual ive been presented with here.

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, and the sun shines on a dog's ass now and then. When it comes to El Nino, 70% of the time, it works every time.

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    You city people are silly with your data, and charts, and speculation. Only Ullr knows.

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    My take is, Hard tellin, not knowin.

    So far the entire ENSO has thrown the predictions and models right out the window. Hurricane Patrica is a fine example of an amplification the likes of which most of our models don't seem to handle very well.

    It rained something like 14" in Austin TX today in about 6 hrs.

    I predict it will be an interesting year. They usually are.
    I have been in this State for 30 years and I am willing to admit that I am part of the problem.

    "Happiest years of my life were earning < $8.00 and hour, collecting unemployment every spring and fall, no car, no debt and no responsibilities. 1984-1990 Park City UT"

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    Shameless but I just gotta share this one here. Loving Felix's take on the El Nino speculation.

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    All I know is that El Nino has been great to us out west.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The SnowShow View Post
    Keystone is the new Snowbird

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