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    The only thing worse than non-searching JONGS are fucking spam jongs. I demand the banhammer!
    Be careful about buying snowboard goggles for skiing. Snowboard goggles come in right eye and left eye (for goofy-footers) dominant models. This can make it hard to see correctly when skiing because you are facing straight down the hill, not sideways.

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    I liked your thread and I will make every attempt to comply.. I don't know what the consensus is but I am particularly annoyed by threads in tech talk which have nothing to do with skiing or snowboarding. If you agree you might add that to your thread.
    I realize it is just "tech talk" but there are better forums to find out about "blow head gaskets" or help putting up a tent....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jondrums View Post
    That is awesome in so many ways. Pretty much sums it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pisteoff View Post
    @ huskydoc
    The initial animosity was because there are hundreds of "what ski?" threads, and at least a dozen "what PNW ski?" threads. Here's how this game is played. You list your desired attributes and you'll get a generally solid list of choices in the replies, but if you say I like such-and-such skis, the answers you get will be the poster's feelings about said skis. For instance, you mentioned the Prophet 100. Well, I hate that ski with a passion. How does that help you? Lots of people love it. Are they wrong? Am I wrong? How do magnets work? Who doesn't have room for Jello?

    Choose one from each line:

    straight/turny (sidecut)
    camber/tip rocker/tip and tail rocker (cambered mid-section)/full rocker
    flat tails/twin tips
    full sidecut/tapered tips/tapered tips and tail

    So if it were me, I'd ask "which stiff, straight, lively, tip rockered, flat tailed, directional, pintailed, with tapered tips ski for the PNW?"
    OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but if I did ask that, I'd bet the answers would be very close to the skis sitting in my basement right now.

    If you can't (yet) identify which attributes you prefer, then you need to demo, beg, borrow (but don't steal), until you do.
    I figured this belonged here. pisteoff - here's a preemptive thanks from all the jongs who will benefit from this
    Quote Originally Posted by TomCrac View Post
    Suppositories convinced me it was a good idea to wear a helmet.

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    Bump for the JONGs trying to get their fall quiver sorted out. Thought this post by marshal was particularly helpful, along the same lines as the one by pisteoff, but a little more oriented towards those who might not know quite what they want yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by marshalolson View Post

    to actually get meaningful feedback you might considering talking about HOW you ski:

    -do you ski with high edge angle or bases flat
    -do you round your turn-finishes or push thru them?
    -do you air turns over chop or blast thru it?
    -do you carve across the fall line or carve down it?
    -do you ski neutral (upright, weight evenly on toes and heels) or forward (flexed into boots, weight on toes only)

    "Alpine rock and steep, deep powder are what I seek, and I will always find solace there." - Bean Bowers


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    Thanks again

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    Cool tips, thanks!

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    Tech Talk The First Internet Worm with Professor Raja Kushalnagar ... tools provided to start understanding more about how you can effectively use these tools ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jondrums View Post
    tis the jongs diluting the knowledge base with stupid threads instead of searching and bumping the older good ones season
    can you make this sticky flash or redirect every jongs tech talk thread to this?
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
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    Yo poliassfuckers
    theres a special basement for your lame shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by skifishbum View Post
    tis the jongs diluting the knowledge base with stupid threads instead of searching and bumping the older good ones season
    can you make this sticky flash or redirect every jongs tech talk thread to this?
    Just send 'em to It's the same kind of Google custom search engine as the other links in this thread, but with an easy to remember URL.

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    thanks for sharing this information!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdfd3c View Post
    thanks for sharing this information!

    please revise your user name
    if you start posting threads as an m-series, they will be filtered out by the server

    your selfless host,
    M series JONG
    PM me your favorite stashes, I'll send you a pic of NW_SKIER's tits

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    how how how .....??????

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    A bit of help?

    Quote Originally Posted by m648d7 View Post
    how how how .....??????

    Just joined the forum today...any moderators who might be able to assist? I looked at my permissions and I do not seem to have permissions to start threads but only to reply? I am hoping to post, but is this not possible? Hoping for any input/advice. Thanks TGR!

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