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School me on ramp angle and forward lean, please.
In my new boots I have the feeling that Im not really balanced on top of my skis. Most noticeably on jumps and while skiing switch, just carving the groomers is fine if not a little off.
Im pretty tall (6‘4) and am really flexible in my ankle joint. Skiing a Fischer Rc4 130.

I read that people with flexible ankle joints should, generally speaking, be more forward. On my old boots I had an adjustable boot board to raise ramp angle, which i believe lowers forward lean(?) though that made it feel better.
Skiing withouth the spoiler didnt help the problem.
Might a heel lift help to mitigate my problem? Although that doesnt correspond with my understanding of internal ramp angle.
Anything else I could try?
Thanks a lot!
total ramp angle = the angle that your foot sits in the boot (including binding ramp angle and boot ramp angle) in relasionship to the flat ground. (toes are higher then heel)

boot forward lean is the angle is the differance in angle between the foot and the lower leg. This can be changed by 5-15mm shims in the top/back/upper part of the boot, or with a thinner shim in the junction between upper and lower shell. They both do similar things by pushing the lower leg forward or back, but NOT changing the angle of the foot to ground.