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    TR: London Spire 9-25

    Hope you guys aren't tired of the climbing tr's yet.

    If you've ever driven north on I-15 from Ogden to Brigham you've probably seen the huge rock spires on the west side of Willard Peak. 10-12 pitches of 5.4 to 5.9 climbing depending on route and how you string them together.

    They look cooler from the highway, but here's an idea:

    First view in the light this morning:

    Getting there:

    Time to rope up:

    We ended up just doing a lot of short roping to save time on an already long day.
    Good views:

    The usual looking down at my foot shot to show the exposure:

    The top:

    After that a super fun 3 hour walk off on death scree that has been the highlight of my week.
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    wow K; very nice - very, very nice TR

    way to get motivated and after it during the perfect time of the year!!!

    lets climb soon; shoot me a pm or give a shout on the cellie
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    Thumbs up

    Kick ass. Those are some of the prettiest/burliest rocks in Utah.

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    Thumbs up

    Great Pics!!! Way to capture the beauty & the exposure.

    Iím surprised you didnít run in to all of the rattle snakes that frequent the area.

    I see the guy before you, who crapped himself climbing up there, left his soiled underware on the pole.
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