First time TR, canoe camping.

Spent some time with family I seldom get to see in the big country of the Allagash wilderness for the week before Labor Day. It's prime territory for canoe camping and since we were a bunch of city slickers and this was more of a vacation, a guide was hired to take care of logistics and cooking. We supplied the whiskey.

6 days of beautiful weather, exploration, wildlife, chilly dips, and miles of gorgeous flat water. Moving via Allagash stream between Allagash Lake and Chamberlin Lake, there was some excitement in the baby rapids of the shallow water. Campsites up there are well taken care of, and there's plenty of relics from old school logging days haunting the woods.

I'm not much of a photographer, but since mamma nature made it easy, I'm posting some photo's worth sharing. Hopefully more to come from winter trips.

Allagash Lake, Islands campsite:

The point:

Interesting rock colors brought out in this little puddle:

Chamberlin Lake:
The storm on the right provided an after dark fireworks show