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    Aug 2014
    195 cm Praxis Super Freerides w/P18

    196 Praxis Protest w/ P18

    If I could have two manufacturers Iíd drop the Protests and sub in 194 Kastle Mx 98 and Super Freerides. Thatís really want I spend most of my winter on anyways. Everything else is a niche ski

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    Jan 2019
    I don't want to give up my 186 Bodacious (current/original metal, untapered ones) and think I could get along with the Zero G 105 as an all around touring ski. That leaves me without a legit deep day pow ski though...

    192cm Protests with Shifts (already own those too) and a 180cm Backcountry? But I don't really want to ski the Protests every day inbounds, as much as I love them... Shit, this is hard.

    190cm Bibby/Wildcat/Blister Pro, preferably from a few years ago before they made them lighter, and a 184cm Wildcat Tour 108? Maybe inserts for both Shifts and Zeds on the 108s? That sounds pretty good, but kinda back to where I started with Blizzard.

    189 Cease and Desist and 184 Tour layup Wren 108 with inserts for Shifts and Zeds?

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    Mar 2007
    The Vil
    187 hojis for about everything
    184 devastators for park and tooling around

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    Nov 2002
    A little to the left
    Woodsman 108

    Will report back mid-season on how this works out...

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    Jan 2014
    Swiss alps
    2 skis is way too few....

    but if you'd put a gun to my head:
    Volkl Katana V-Werks w shifts
    Volkl BMT 109 w ATK freeraiders

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    Mar 2016
    Two pairs isn't enough for inbounds/touring amd one brand is way too limiting. My current two ski resort quiver is:

    184 Wren 96
    190 Deathwish
    Both with 22D outlaw telemark bindins

    I have some jibby beater skis and uber fat pow skis (as well as a touring quiver) but these two get the vast majority of my days in resort and could even pull a lot of touring duty. If forced to stick with one brand I would try either

    188 Commander 98
    190 Deathwish
    184 Wren 96
    187 Woodsman 108/116

    I'd probably go with moment because the Deathwish is my fav ski ever.

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    Sep 2018
    Northern Michigan
    Woodsman 96 / Jeffrey 108

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    Jan 2015
    Armada fan boy here, so...
    195 Armada AK JJ
    190 Armada Magic J

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    Sep 2006
    No longer somewhere in Idaho
    181 lithic Ramblin Jack with Salomon mtn for touring

    188 Cohen 118 with cast/sth for resort.

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    Dec 2014
    Colorado Front Range
    187 GPO w/Wardens (maybe The Ski instead?)

    182 UL GPO w/Kreuzespitz GTs or Plum Gides.

    Both with veneer (of course)!

    If I got to ski some Moments, then Wildcat 109 & Wildcat Tour 116 might fill the bill.

    Maybe something from Lithic if I could demo them?

    A touring layup in ON3P is way too heavy for me, so they're out.

    ... Thom
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