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    TR: A few summer turns in the Tobacco Roots.

    Went up to the Tobacco Roots to fish a lake for some nice Cuttthroats. Brought the ski gear in case we got skunked and skunked we got. I think the splashing trout were fucking with us more than anything because there was not a fly they would even look at. Some healthy trout in there for sure though.

    On to the skiing. We would have liked to ski something way cooler, as there are a few nice lines up there still, but we came to fish this lake. The melting out snowpatch was a little less than we would have liked, but worth a thousand feet or so of nice corn turns.

    One reason for this TR is that I finally got a new camera. A Lumix with 9 megapixel and 10x zoom. Takes good video too. Great for scoping lines and filming people ripping said lines. Can't wait to test it out biking soon. It is not super compact, but small and light enough to take anywhere and whip out quickly. Look for some high quality TRs from Tone Capone in the coming year.

    I would love to ski this northwest facing line on Granite Peak (Tobacco Roots) some time in the spring. It is kinda like the blaze except maybe a little steeper. It would be a sweet tour to hit that from the other side and then ski back out the east face. Wanted to do it this spring. Oh well. Any of you guys mess around back there?

    Some photos of my buddy Josh skiing. Out buddy Tom's dog is retarted and almost took him out on his first five turns.

    A picture of the lake and the lone surviving old growth spruce in the avy path.

    And here are some tracks

    Here is a good 10x shot of what we sould have skied up at the head of the valley. Still looking pretty nice.

    So thanks for checking out my semi lame summer TR. Now that I have learned to properly post pics, I'll have to upload them to a different site next time and make them bigger. I have mostly been biking almost everyday. I am so grateful, my bike is super dialed right now and I can't leave it alone. Trail riding here is so much fun, no wonder they are trying to make it illegal. It's better than drugs!
    "The skis just popped me up out of the snow and I went screaming down the hill on a high better than any heroin junkie." She Ra

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    Great TR man. Any 'semi lame summer TR' is better than MN. That is a beautiful area, I can't wait to explore it some day.
    I think the potato gun proved the stability.

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    Nice Pic man, looks like fun.

    Thanks for posting!

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    keep pumpin the montuckey stoke, and way to get after it in the T-roots. My buddy lars aka workinforturns has a family cabin up in the t-roots, haven't been but apparently endless opportunity in that range.
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    Thanks for the stoke, tc. My buddies and I were planning on going up there this weekend. One of them thinks that he found a Jeep path that he can squeeze his truck up pretty much to the snowline.

    Dan - you know you want to come ski it.

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    is this Branham Lakes outside Sheridan?
    C'mon, you coulda invited me, there's no avy danger.
    No longer stuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuckathuntermtn View Post
    Just an uneducated guess.

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    Not branham lakes. Are you ready for 4000' with skis and boots on yer back stuck? Hey shred, I think it might be done up there but let me know. There are definetly some jeep roads that will get you up there. That thing I was talking about on the back of Granite would be a sweet summer line.
    "The skis just popped me up out of the snow and I went screaming down the hill on a high better than any heroin junkie." She Ra

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    Looks like a great day to be out.

    Catch anything decent?

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    No. The trout were going crazy on some kind of micro dry flies and we couldn't catch any. Must be fish karma from the 16 incher I ate from a different lake some days before. The trout in this lake are notoriously picky I have heard though.
    "The skis just popped me up out of the snow and I went screaming down the hill on a high better than any heroin junkie." She Ra

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