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Thread: newbie

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    Nov 2016

    just getting started

    Quote Originally Posted by m6a4de View Post
    got a pond or a huge bucket with 500 l of water ? climb on the rim let yourself drop in or jump in the pond swim out i just did it maybe 10 times this winter longest stay in cold water 300 secs I call TITS Total Immersion Training Sessions
    I do this for MIA another girly thing Missing In Action, the freeride faction the freedom reaction

    how was was it ? pond was very cold today very cold

    it is likw you are in another state whence you are in

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    I think the key is to not just practice rolling in a pool, but also practice in running water, working up to the conditions that you will actually be in when you need to roll.

    Getting back into the sport myself after a 30 year layoff. Gave up kayaking after my first kid was born. I think what did it was a few close calls, and one day I watched a movie about some expert kayakers doing the first descent of some wild river somewhere. Don't remember exactly where it was (maybe South America?), but they had to enter the river by jumping off a drop of maybe 10 to 15 feet in their kayaks. Then they were trapped by steep canyon walls until they reached the take out point many miles down river.

    They all survived the trip, which included some pretty hairy rapids, but the thing that got me was at the end of the show they dedicated it to one of the kayakers who died later in an accident on the American River in California. That got me thinking. If an expert like that can die in this sport, it could happen to anyone, and certainly me.

    Went out last year and had so much fun. At least my kids are on their own now, if the worst happens.

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    I might enroll in a kayak class soon!

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    here and there
    Clubs will be having pool sessions all winter most places.
    watch out for snakes

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    Like everyone has said, commit to practicing your roll in as many situations as possible. If you have it down 80% on one side, start learning the other. I got so committed to learning in on my strong side that it felt super awkward to try and learn the other side. Also practice in different water. Rolls get exponentially more difficult when the water is moving or aerated, when you are on an eddy line, etc. Good luck and have fun!

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    I just saw this thread.. Gone are the Blackaddar days where you could get by on guts and no roll. Back in 94 when I was starting I had a hand roll both ways on my third pool session. Granted, I had a few swims in class 3 sections until I got my head around relaxing and focusing on the roll. I kind of neglected the brace, and would tuck and roll before it necessary. My advice is to get the mechanics buffed out in the pool , and then learn to relax in the river. Feel the wave rythym and time your snap. Don’t worry about the river bed. Odd are you have adequate depth, unless it’s super bony
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    If you are going to go out on the river and meet new people to boat with, have a roll. The first question I ask, and was asked when meeting people road-side to paddle was, "Can you roll?" Nothing sucks more than chasing people's gear or stopping to un-pin a boat.

    It's likely folks won't take you down a run a second time after multiple swims. Swimming is dangerous for everyone in the group. Go to some flat water, just deep enough for you to be upside down in combat position. If you miss your roll you can brace up off the bottom, and you won't have to wet exit every attempt, which slows down the learning.

    Learn the back-deck roll on both sides. It links perfectly to a failed C to C or sweep roll on the opposite side. It will also be your best hand-roll position. Get air bags and carry a rope every time you scout. Friends will appreciate this.

    Maximize your time on easy water by hitting every eddy, peeling out properly, and practicing rolls in eddies. On the river, ask partners to stand by for a buddy rescue if you miss a couple attempts. Be honest about your skills and partners will appreciate it and be willing to boat at your level if they see you are working on your basic skills. Those folks will be the ones to show you the next level when you are ready.

    Virtually every failed roll I watch in combat comes from "Carping", a paddler pulling their head up first. Your head should be the last thing to come out of the water. Agree about staying relaxed. You have to be loose to roll smooth. Ear to shoulder as you roll up can not be overstated.

    Stay forward while boating. This is the same for skiing and biking. Everything bad happens from the back seat. GL. Most exciting sport you can find.

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    If you canoe. Make sure you can at least self rescue quickly. This means have you bag kitted with flotation well.

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    Also.. having a canoe with a bilge pump goes a long way. Gone are the days of pulling over to dump your load every rapid.

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    Bilge pump set up is like 40 bucks, and a 6 pack of your favorite beer for the installation job.

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