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    Finally got out today.

    First time since they sprung me form the hospital. I've been on a few bike rides and small walks but really haven't done anything since last Sunday. Damn did it feel good to go for a walk and wet the line. I didn't catch a damn thing but it was so nice to be outdoors. Here's a few pics from this morning and afternoon.

    Eat my ass

    Sweet style

    The water was perfect for wet wading

    The only one I got a shot of.

    My Nature Valley, Convict Lake, Eastern Sierra California. I don't know if you get those commercials but there's Convict in all it's glory.

    Big two mile hike today and I am still alive. Now all I have to do is catch fish.

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    wow...Gas is still $3.83 here right now.

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    Just took a trip out of the Convict area a few weeks back. Didn't fish Convict though (but saw some of the photos in the little shop, daaaamn!), fished Dorothy up in the high country. Lots of typical stunted growth trout, but was fun.

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