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    Gilbert and Thompson Pass, South Lake trail head, Sierra Nevada, CA

    I had a gym teacher named Ms. Gilbert and one named Mr. Thompson in high
    school. Didn't remember until after the fact.

    Hiked to far up the trail the first day and had a nasty traverse high above
    the lake to get to the snow. On the way back and on Sunday we just walked
    around the low water shore line.

    View from parking lot:

    Here we go climbing the stairway to heaven:

    Somehow this photo got processed with the photos from my trip to Thailand:

    Skiing Gilbert:

    Millions of butterfly fluttering about:

    Turns below the chute:

    Day 2:
    We climbed the far right chute on Thompson. The first one had blue ice and
    the middle ran out of snow 1/3 way up. The far right got a bit steep at the
    top and next time I would like a rope and some pro.

    From the top:

    Happy to be alive and on skis:

    Snow is melting fast!!!

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    that's not a bird, that's a butterfly!!!
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