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    Quote Originally Posted by YourMomJustCalled View Post
    Work Wagons

    Great picture.
    Quote Originally Posted by theshredder View Post
    i identify as a gay transexual

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    Quote Originally Posted by adampecush View Post
    Not on my local roads it doesn't.

    Love the sleeper swap. What does it tip the scales at?
    I hear you with the roads. It's a gorgeous E90 you have there.

    I'm not sure what my E30 weighs. The interior is stripped except for the seats and dash and I removed the AC and all the lines. I'm going to have to take it to my local transfer station and get it weighed since they have a scale there.
    Dollar sign that bitch.

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    the 71 bronco, doesn't get out much anymore. other is a 88 toyota with topper false bottom etc
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ID:	105958 not actually a picture of mine, but this was my favorite car ever. 1981 SX/4 that fucker would go anywhere, with aplomb.
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    ^^^ hah, not everywhere. My brother got one stuck on a beach in Mass. where a creek cuts across the beach to the ocean. Basically a really sharp-sided sandy watery ditch. Got front and back bumpers stuck on the banks and after trying to rock it all the sand under the tires washed away so it wasn't even in contact with the ground except at the bumpers.

    Long story short: High tide proved they don't float.

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