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    TR - What did you do this week? April in the Kootenays...

    The ski hill looks like it usually does in mid March, and the snow just keeps coming... what's a guy to do when he's unemployed, and his gf has some new 174 soft BROs that need to be tried out?

    Go Skiing?

    On Sunday I was up in the area, and this looked good:

    My partners weren't into it that day, but I went back a couple days later with snogirl, and we skiied the line looker's L of the large rock feature. The snow wasn't geat, but the line was sweet.

    Then we went and scored some nice sunny April powder:

    Wednesday was greybird, but rumours of epic snow had JONG G (can't remember his handle here) and I head out for some big chute hunting. We saw some nice lines, but the wind had it's way, and there was too much windslab around so we had to run away...

    Here's a zone that needs some attention, rarely (if ever) sees ski tracks.

    Our goal for the day was the chute that drops out of the obvious notch on the far ridge:

    Sadly this sweet little 1300' tree run was in our way, so we had to rip it up.

    This was not our goal for the day. In fact I didn't even know it existed. Since we bailed on our original goal, and discovered this one, the TO DO list has grown... Damn!

    The chutes were overloaded with windslab, the consolation prize wasn't half bad though:

    The weather is set to heat up tommorow, so snogirl and I decided to take her new BROs out and enjoy some of the last of the season's pow in one of my favourite spots. I took this one for the SkinTrack stoke thread, but she doesn't look too stoked.

    Nothing a little lunch break can't cure!

    Not to mention some powder!

    I've got a little bit of vid too, but I can't seem to make YouTube work.
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    Stood upon a mountaintop.
    Walked barefoot in the Snow.

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    Tell her not to melt the snow, Robin.
    Snogirl be lookin hot!

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    Cool pic...

    Quote Originally Posted by snoboy View Post
    Jak and Jil skinned up the hill to rip some epic lines...
    Jak cruised down throwing a huge mute 3...
    Followed by Jil with a 9.

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    cb, co

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    GWS, CO

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    salmo-creston pass?

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    Purcell Sud

    I had one of my best powder days of the year last sunday...the winter that keeps on giving.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaeius View Post
    salmo-creston pass?
    semi educated guess: Old Glory (first few)....Lightning strike / twin lakes (next few)... Plewman (last few)

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