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    Bon Iver...soooo good

    I found out about this guy from SXSW. For Emma, Forever ago has not left my headphones for days now. He's akin to bonnie prince billy, a less depressive ryan adams, its a little gospel, very folk and part simon and garfunkel. and so fucking good. the harmony is amazing. check it out.
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    Eugenio Oregón
    gotta bump this. Incredible falsetto singing. Great music.

    You can tell that the album was recorded in a cabin in the middle of nowhere in the winter.

    Give 'er a listen, fuck it's incredible.
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    New EP, called Blood Bank, coming out. If you check around the music blogs you will be able to find some tracks. The title track is great, and in "Woods" he goes vocoder.
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    "Stacks" is in my top 5 songs of the year. The vocals are unique, and the falsetto reminds me of TV on the Radio's lead singer. The album as a whole is wonderful, but it drags. A few of the songs will put you sleep, which is good if that's the effect you're after. It's very mellow, very slow-paced folk music. All in all, this is an excellent album that deserves praise, and a listen.

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