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    AK BRO Build quality = AWESOME

    FKNA PMGuys!! You hooked up a good factory to build your skis.

    The 174s that arrived today are works of art. Absolutely beatiful. I am jealous...

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    I must say, it's an impeccably perfect build.
    Especially after going to SIA.
    I couldn't believe some of the garbage companies put on their racks to try to sell their wares.
    I think just being part of the maggot kingdom has forced us to continually get better, knowing we're passing our sticks on to our buds.
    But that Euro factory builds tighter skis than I have ever seen anywhere.
    Thanks for noticing.

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    in the dark
    I dig the dimply topsheets on the euro bros. They seem like they could stop bullets.

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    mine come Wednesday, i can't wait

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    mine is here and it's bloody sweeeeeeeeeet

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    I have been using a pair all season, and beating them up pretty good, and the are still in great shape. I seem to have a propensity to find rocks this season, and the bases are still looking good.

    My only complaint?...."Change for a Nickel" stickers don't stick, but my Plankspere stickers are still in place.

    I agree it is a constitutional right for Americans to be assholes...its just too bad that so many take the opportunity...

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