First of all, i am typing this on a crappy laptop, and the keyboard sucks. I'll go over it in mozilla spellchecker when i get home.

skier-5'11, 165 pounds, above average skill level, still couldn't keep up with most of you crazies

Conditions-everything. Strangest weekend of my life, went from ice moguls to untracked knee-deep, and everything in between.

The bros have rossi scratch 140's mounted on them, on the line.

Similar skis-Closest would be 174 salomon guns, mounted with freeride+. Iíll refer to them during the review.

First of all, the bros rip. After getting used to the extra length they had on my guns, I was way more confident skiing at speeds. My first day on them was mainly comprised of groomers, where the bros ripped big turns with ease. They are a little harder to rail at low speeds than a ski with a smaller radius, but that is ok, because going slow on groomers sucks. High speed carving on the bros is a blast. Moguls suck, but that is the skier. Not a mogul person.

Compared to the guns, bros eat up crud. They seem a lot more stable through everything, making it al lot more fun to skiÖ everywhere.

Powder, the fairly rear mount and larger surface area floats the bros at lower speeds than the guns. They turn almost as quickly as the guns in tight trees, which is kind of surprising considering the difference in length. I donít know if I would buy the bros if all I skied was tight, deep trees, but they are OK for the occasional run. I didnít hit anything solid, which is saying something.

Bottom line, the bros are awesome skis. I bought them blind, and donít regret it. Props to PM gear and AK skis for such a good product. Buy them.

I may add more at some point.