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Thread: Bellingham, WA

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    Fish, I imagine the only military types you might see in B'ham might be Coast Guard and Border Patrol/Customs people...maybe a Nat'l Guard unit? Obviously everybody else is consolidated down in the Everett/Bremerton/Tacoma areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanuq View Post
    are you studying?
    i forgot to answer this... I'm majoring in Geography

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    Quote Originally Posted by fish View Post
    Well I got accepted to WWU and I'm moving next month. I'm going to be staying at a buddies place in Arlington while I find a place to live. Any mags know of some rental resources or places I can look to find a place? It's just me and my girlfriend and we're looking for a house to rent for the time being.
    Check out Craigslist for houses and such. For apartments:

    Oh, and slick major. I have a friend doing that right now and I've taken a bunch of classes in the department, really good program.
    I thought their offices would be strewn with bunny-fucking and condom dispensers, a veritable enchanted forest of cock shafts and twat mist. - JoeStrummer

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    say hi to Andy Bach for me.
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    Check out Bandito's, their salsa bar is out of hand!

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