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    Markered out... A brief Coomba review/TR

    So... I've never been on a pair of Markers until this morning. As I was looking over the rack of K2 demos, I decided I wanted to check out the Coomba. I figured a run or two wouldn't hurt. Ha!

    Coomba - nice ski - handles hardpack and crud better than I expected.

    Marker demo bindings blow. Towards the bottom of the run I was back on the groomies and laying over some sweet carves when all of a sudden I lost an edge, or so I thought, In fact I lost a ski due to the heel piece of the binding completely leaving the demo track somehow...

    Now I know why Markers suck, and I also know what skier's thumb really feels like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoboy View Post
    ...and I also know what skier's thumb really feels like.
    My left thumb is fucked up right now. That is not a cool injury AT ALL.
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    I've broken my thumbs 3 times while skiing, the left one twice. You know how you put your thumb and pinkie finger together to make the "3" finger sign? I can't do that with my left hand.
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