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    Quote Originally Posted by Tippster View Post
    I hear they have good drugs there.
    what a mess

    stoopid stoopid stoopid

    4 pounds of cocaine, 350 Ecstasy pills, 50 pounds of marijuana, 30 vials of hash oil, $60,000 in cash and two guns, one of them taped to a bed frame. It ranked among the biggest college drug busts in U.S. history, with police making 128 arrests, including 95 San Diego State students
    Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste goood.

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    I went to UHK, it was tough and took a really long time to graduate.

    But at least the surf'n was good.

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    Go to can walk to surfrider from your dorm room. Or take a 15 min car ride north to super tubes...county line...etc.

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    Honolulu Community College

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    best top 100 engineering colleges

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    not close enough
    UCSD, though its probably been said already I just didn't care to look.

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    hey man i go to cal state fullerton in orange county its a great school or you could look into csu san marcos and csu long beach, u get to surf breaks from manhattan beach, huntington, newport, seal beach, trestles, ocean side, to be honest, u have alot of options. but i definately am proud of my orange county choice

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