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    Ak King Salmon vs. 180 Explosiv

    Update: Been on these a few days a week for the past few weeks. The "getting my ass kicked" has gone away. These skis make you step up to become a better skier.

    5'11" 170 pounds. Both skis mounted with solomon 912's. Prefer bigger high speed turns and I'm admittedly weaker in the bumps that Bridger seems to become. I've been looking for a 180 length ski that will be good in the bumps / crud / trees that is my view of Bridger the days after a storm.

    Favorite skis are 188 stiff Bros.
    Quiver contains 188 g4's, 188 Bro's, 193 big daddies, 188 ak launchers (rock ski) and 193 sanouks. recently had 179 stiff bro's as well.

    The skis:
    180 Volkl Explosiv Buddhas mounted .5cm back
    180 Ak King Salmon mounted on the line (Good all around, consider 1-2 cm back for softer snow only use)

    Edge goes to the King Salmon. Why? Because they perform at a wider range of speeds. Completely carvable at lower speeds and completely stable at high speeds. Edge Hold is about the same. KS has a shorter natural radius than the explosiv. The explosiv will carve and has snap, it just takes twice as much speed to get it out of them.

    Tie because of two different machines. The KS is a much quicker ski and more adept at slinking around the bumps. Edge changes are quick and the flex is softer. The explosiv can certainly ski the zipper line, but it takes much more effort. They are much better however at going where you want to go, not where the terrain dictates you go.

    Explosiv hands down. Any choppy snow is plowed through by this ski where as the KS gets pushed around a bit.

    I prefer the explosiv in the pow. at 180 and 94ish in the waist, its not a fantastical floater, but even with the tips under the surface its beyond smooth. They want to keep cruising down the fall line.

    Some little things I've noticed about the skis.

    The KS initiate immediately all over the mountain.
    The Explosivs are a little slow to initiate turns. Both on groomers and off piste.

    You need to stay on top of the explosiv. The ski certainly performs, but it also kicks you if you let your hands drop back / get in the back seat. This ski is teaching me to not be tentative as I tend to be when I'm not sure of what is in front of me (unfamiliar places etc.) The KS is much more forgiving.

    On Marshall's scale the Explosiv is a 8, I'd give the KS a 6. The explosiv feels as though the flex is fairly round, the tip feels just as stiff as the tail. This is potentially why I had trouble initiating turns. Since the original review I've learned learn to love it. The KS being a 6 is certainly no noodle. It has excellent energy and a snappy feel that the explosiv does not. What a 6 means is that it comes alive at a lower speed than the Volkl.

    Both skis are very stable for a 180 length. The Explosiv is stable in all the conditions that Ive had it in. The KS has never had any tip flap, but it does get knocked off course when things get a little chunky.
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    Awesome review. I own the 180 explosiv and can't wait for my KS to arrive .
    'Least I ain't chicken.

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