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    Long Term Review: Dynastar Big Trouble

    Me- 5'9" 140 pounds. Aggressive skier. Mounted with Mojo 15's.

    My other skis- 183 gotama, armada ant, 172 mojo 80.

    Dynastar created the big trouble as a really wide park ski. That is what it should be used for, park and some powder jaunts. This is my third season on them, and while the edges remain well in tact, I have about 9 core shots. The bases must be made out of butter. I only have 1 core shot on any of my other skis, and they are all used on the same mountain. Plus, most of the damage on the Big troubles is about 2 inches long. To top it all off, the skis are slow, and the topsheets are starting to crack.
    In the moguls they aren't too quick, but get the job done, if you go too fast they start to get bashed around because they are soft skis. In powder they are really fun, especially when it isnt too deep for them. (about 2 feet) I can imagine that they are pretty similar to pocket rockets. They can rail on the groomed, which would make them a park ski, but I purchased them as my everyday all mountain ski. I wrote this review because I think they dont do the job well. For the type of skiers on this board, these are not recommended. This is more of a newschoolers ski.

    I bought them because the local shop ran out of Gotamas, and I still ended up purchasing a pair of goats.

    Overall I am just really disappointed in the build quality. This makes me skeptical of Dynastar skis, and I would not recommend this ski. I give it a 3/5. I think they would be pretty decent tele skis for me, so that is probably what they will end up as.

    On a side note, I havent had a problem with the mojo 15's. Great binding. That is all.
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    Wow - different from my experience with em. I have about 50 days on mine and have no core shots, no edge damage and no cracks. I had a great time ripping them at WB on the weekend and think that they are very durable and versatile. With regard for them being really useful as a big mountain ski, I agree - I find them to be a more resort oriented all rounder.

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