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    Colorado Weather Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by montanaskier View Post
    Anyone know how conditions on Independence Pass are currently? Wife and kid are planning on heading up esrly Sunday.

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    I was up around Geissler Tuesday and Wednesday.
    It was great then up high where there’s still snow, refreeze overnight, corn during day, but coverage is getting bare on sun exposed particularly western aspects and thin, suncupped and punchy near the upper LM hairpin.
    That said no idea what this storm has done today - raining hard in town all day which I presume is some wintery mix of slop and pow up there.
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    My friends that drove up from Denver said it was snowing in Leadville, but a winter mix on top of the pass.

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    Just posting to bitch about this constant rain. When and if it does dry out, the grass fire threat is going to be scary.

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    Looking at the long-term forecast, I don't think we'll need to worry about grass fires until mid-July at a minimum. Haven't seen it like this since the mid-90's. More concerned with people going postal from a lack of sunshine. Speaking of, I'm packing the car and headed south/west, not sure where. I need to dry out and bake in the sun somewhere...NW Colorado is beyond saturated.

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    Heart attack hill for a quick dog walk. 2-3" of spongy new snow. Might make for good corn next time.

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    Was camping on the Arkansas this past weekend. Lots of rain, but could have been worse. The Collegiate Peaks and the Mosquito Range looked like they were getting hammered.
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    Kelso north gully from yesterday, soft snow up high, nice snow down low. Continuous snow from summit to 10,900 feet, groovy clouds and fog made for surreal conditions all day long.
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    Another absurdly wet afternoon in the front range. From my couch bound perspective, watching the neighbors trashcans float down the street was pretty entertaining.

    Are we going to hit June averages in a week? I'd guess so.

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    plz send some to the pnw

    been a month since the last rain and it's scary dry... red flags for the west slope Cascades etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by smmokan View Post
    Not to bitch about new trails…. But it’s a beginner-level flow trail that’s 8’ wide and drops 750’ in 3.5 miles with a climb in the middle. Yay.
    That's not a flow trail. It's a bike path that is missing its concrete.
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    skiing is hiking all day so that you can ski on shitty gear for 5 minutes.

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