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    Dec 2022
    Scheduled to head to durango first week of feb. Keeping my eyes on this thread to see how the snow looks as I get closer.

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    Front Range, CO
    I think its up 6% for the quarter, but down 12% overall. At least according to Snowbrains:

    Vail Resorts sold 2.3 million Epic Pass products for the 2022/23 season, which is down by 12% over last year. However, it is an increase of 6% on the same period last year and of 39% over the last two years and 55% over the last three years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Name Redacted View Post
    Epic pass sales up 6% this season, so no, it doesn't look like there was a mass exodus to Ikon. I don't think that Ikon/Alterra shares their numbers. Maybe because they aren't a publicly traded company like VR?

    It would be interesting to see the numbers broken down by region. Like maybe their sales in CO were down but sales in CA and/or WA were up for example. Either way, enjoy the shitshow.

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    It's been heading this way since iClown. Last couple years, we've gone over the waterfall. It's hard to be iClown's marquee front range resort with no terrain expansions* in quite a while and expect anything different.

    *I know, this year they gave us Jelly Roll back and "officially opened" Better Not and Why Not. These kinda runs are sure to spread people out ;-)
    Quote Originally Posted by Foggy_Goggles View Post
    No. Wanker Pancake is the new Breck. My "Keep Winter Park Lame" campaign is backfiring. Apparently, exactly what we got is exactly what the young families want. I mean seriously, we have an in town sledding hill AND a Gravity Haus. The LoHi/Rino/Golden Puffy Coat Mafia is Living the Dream(tm).

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    Caribou Backcountry conditions

    Looking to get some turns in this weekend at Caribou (outside Nederland) and wondering if anyone has been there this week and can give me a heads up on the snow conditions?

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    When are the racers going to be done at Copper?

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    Patrol was saying Resolution this weekend, so that means access across the racing terrain.
    Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.
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