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    JONG seeks Historical Info on Gotomas

    I'm heading out west with a fellow list member and some friends. They only ski powder. As a result, I'm seeking a used pair of Gotamas. It looks like the Goat has been around for 5 seasons when you consider the '07-'08. I've searched a few forums and heard 1) that the Gotama has improved over the years and 2) that the older models were superior.
    My questions are:
    1. How have the dimensions changed? I haven't been able to find dimensions for all of the the older models. It seems like they shortened the turn radius in the newer models.
    2. What changes have been made going from the '04 (all black) to '05 (black with design) to '06 (black w/white "Volkl" on tail) to '07 (white with design). There aren't going to be many used '08s.
    3. What are the performance differences?
    4. Which would be best for someone 5'8"/170 lbs with limited powder experience. Renting is not an option. I want my own skis.

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    You aren't going to notice that much of a difference between any of the years if you have never skied Gotama's. Go no shorter than 183's and enjoy. It's really that easy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by quickk9 View Post
    They only ski powder.
    Sounds like a good place to ski and what up said.

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    Oh my, I cannot believe that people are being sooooo nice. Definitely the 183s.

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    Wasn't there a problem with the original wood sidewalls? I'd say that 05/06 is the best, go for the longest you can find them.
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    Wasn't there a problem with the original wood sidewalls?
    I've heard this as well. I think they had a tendency to delam.

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    Jebus, there are like 5,000 threads here about this. SEARCH FUNCTION, JONG!!!

    The wood sidewalls didn't delam; they cracked. I know because both my 1st and 2nd gens cracked. If it weren't for the wood sidewall, the 2nd gen would have been the best year. That said, there are a lot of 2nd gens out there with intact sidewalls. If you can score a pair of those, you're stoked. The sidewall cracking was pretty limited that year unlike the 1st gen.

    Having not skied the 4th or 5th gens, I'd have to go with 3rd gen as the best. But like has been said above, you really can't go wrong with any of them. They're all fucking radtastic skis. The differences between the years aren't that major.
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    Basically, after the first 3 years, they changed the ski. The 06/07 (white) has a wider tip and tail by 3 mm or so, while retaining the same waist width. Supposedly these and the 07/08 are stiffer and ski great. Personally (I have only owned the 2nd gen goats) I thought old goat was unreal and I do not think it needed to be changed at all. It was not too stiff but not too soft either and just the right radius (32 in a 190 I think) The newer goat's sidecut will make it track better on groomed, making it more versatile, but less (or no) sidecut is better in powder - they are less hooky and make slashing turns or sluffing speed easier. That being said, all goats are great skis. Most of my friends ski them or have at some point, both new and old versions. You will not be dissapointed with any of them. But, as stated above, I would not go shorter than 183. they ski short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arty50 View Post
    That said, there are a lot of 2nd gens out there with intact sidewalls. If you can score a pair of those, you're stoked.
    errrrrr, guess that means i'm stoked.
    yes indeed i am.
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    2nd gens. Love 'em and no sidewall issues (yet )
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