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  1. Photos here (TGR uploader is borked again):...

    Photos here (TGR uploader is borked again):
  2. 7Mesh shirt is claimed

    7Mesh shirt is claimed
  3. I'm 5'8",

    I'm 5'8", <165 lbs. The medium had a slim fit, sort of like a baselayer. I sized up to the large so it hangs a little loose around the torso so that I could wear it over a regular short sleeve...
  4. FS: misc size med (1 large) bike clothes (Fox, Specialized, 100%, 7Mesh, Club Ride)

    Will post pics later, but I want to clean out my closet. Most of the stuff is in excellent condition. Make an offer for any/all of it. I just want it out of my closet.

    Fox Ranger Water pants,...
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