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  3. Understood the talk on the bindings, hence the...

    Understood the talk on the bindings, hence the original post I donít really want to sell the bindings but if it were the right bsl for someone it might make sense for them to save on a mount.

  4. Price drop, $400 ski only ...

    Price drop, $400 ski only
    $800 skis and bindings
    $950 skis, bindings and skins
  5. Iím sure blister or somewhere has photos. 109...

    Iím sure blister or somewhere has photos. 109 underfoot, medium camber with rockered tip and slight rocker in tail.
  6. Black Crows Corvus freebird with Salomon MTN binding

    For sale is a 183 Black Crows Corvus freebird mounted with a Salomon Mtn pin binding. Mounted 315 bsl. Light, solid ski. Ski has a dozen days on it, worst/only damage is shown in photos. Scrape on...
  7. Having a hard time with attachments. Photos of...

    Having a hard time with attachments. Photos of skis :
  8. Almost New Atomic Bent Chetler 120 with Salomon Shift

    For sale is a 184 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 that has been used for 2 ski tours. Ski is basically brand new. It is mounted at -1.3cm for a 317 BSL (27.5 Mondo) with a 13 DIN Salomon Shift (branded as ...
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    Pm sent

    Pm sent
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    Pm incoming

    Pm incoming
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    I have a mammut opto 3000 (twin antenna) bd...

    I have a mammut opto 3000 (twin antenna) bd shovel and g3 probe id be willing to sell. Would be easier to ship just the beacon though
  12. WTB: tech gripwalk soles for Dalbello Lupo boots

    Have a pair of lupos (the older white with carbon) that I need tech gripwalk replacement toe heel soles for and canít find in stock online. Any ideas?
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    Paypal/venmo workarounds jan 1?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone was aware of the upcoming rule change on Jan 1 where funds beyond $600 in a year through paypal/venmo etc were to be reported to the I-R-S. Anyone with ideas how to...
  14. Thanks and hate to say it but cant find the...

    Thanks and hate to say it but cant find the single thread. Insert crusty search jong here
  15. You mean like casual encounters?

    You mean like casual encounters?
  16. Bump

  17. Hi, I cant see the photos with these. What year...

    Hi, I cant see the photos with these. What year are they, and what year/din are the kingpins? Thank you
  18. Looking for single black crows atris ski 184cm

    I know this is a big longshot, but looking for a single black crows atris in s 184cm. The older one with the 18m turn radius to compound things. Thanks!
  19. Large thanks

    Large thanks
  20. WTB: Overboots, Crampons, expedition gloves, mircopuff pants...

    pulling together a ton of gear and here's some odds and ends I'm looking for:

    overboots: Forty below neoprene style to fit on a 27.5 AT boot

    crampons: steel toe-heel bail style

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    WTB: 4 season tent, three person.

    just like the post says, looking for a three person tent, three person. in good condition. DM me if you have anything. Thank you.
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    WTB: Down expedition style jacket

    looking for a burly expedition style jacket. IE the mountain hardware absolute zero or something of the sort, 800 fill... well used is fine. DM me if anyone has anything. Thanks
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    WTB: -20F Down Sleeping bag

    looking for a -20F down sleeping back. Something like the Marmot col or North Face inferno -20F. anything collecting dust? Thank you
  24. For Sale Complete AT package, skied two days. Dynafit chugach, boots, bindings, skins

    For sale is a complete AT touring dynafit package:

    181 cm Dynafit Chugach.
    135-107-125 with a 22m turn radius. More burly lay up than a lot of Dynafit skis in my opinion. Full elliptical rocker a...
  25. BSL 315mm, mounted plus 2 (but still way behind...

    BSL 315mm, mounted plus 2 (but still way behind center, the mount line on that year gotama is too far back)
  26. Price drip $580 shipped!

    Price drip $580 shipped!
  27. I'd Like to keep the package together, and it's a...

    I'd Like to keep the package together, and it's a solid deal for what it is.
  28. Buy my wares please. Thank You. -The Management.

    Buy my wares please. Thank You. -The Management.
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    Ben Franklin Lives.

    Ben Franklin Lives.
  30. to da top

    to da top
  31. Summit the list.

    Summit the list.
  32. 183cm Volkl Gotamas with Dynafit FT12 AT bindings and skins. $600

    Skis are 183cm, have a cult following, and are a great match for the 12 Din Dynafit FT12 binding. skis and bindings have had very light use, no nicks on bases or edges. Skins are cut perfectly for...
  33. 188cm Rossignol s7 with Marker dukes. Excellent condition $400

    For sale are a set of 186cm Rossignol s7s with Marker Dukes small mounted at plus two i believe for a 317mm boot (but adjustable). Skis bases look new, edges in great shape and top sheets standard...
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    27.5 Garmont Radium

    for sale is a 27.5 Garmont Radium in great shape with Dynafit tech inserts, 4 buckle and a solid walk mode. Boots looks cleaner in real life. $200 pickup in Juneau or can ship.136235
  35. 186 Rossignol S6 with Marker Dukes in excellent shape. $350

    136229136230For Sale is a 186cm pair of Rossignol S6 with a small marker duke mounted at 317mm. This is the cambered version of the s6. Skis bases and edges look like new (surface of edges could be...
  36. Price Drop, $120!.........screaming deal but must...

    Price Drop, $120!.........screaming deal but must be bought ASAP.....
  37. To answer a question I was asked the stove is the...

    To answer a question I was asked the stove is the international model (will run on a variety of fuels)....
  38. FS: Bellingham skis and gear Mega Deal!.....$150

    Catching a flight outta here in two days.

    Price drop!
    $120 Bellingham pick up gets you:

    1 pair of 179cm k2 public enemies in great shape, 1 mount.

    1 pair of Brand new with tags Gore-tex XCR...
  39. Still avail....

    Still avail....
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    FS: Canon 24mm 2.8 EF lens $200 shipped

    Lens is in great shape. $200 shipped
  41. For sale Rossignol S6 in excellent condition with Marker Dukes $400

    For sale is a pair of 186cm Rossignol s6 skis (cambered version) with Marker duke bindings size small (boot to 320 mm) mounted for a 27.5 krypton pro.

    Skis are in excellent condition, 5 days on...
  42. For sale Brand New with Tags Eider Gore-Tex XCR ski pants $100

    For sale Eider Gore Tex XCR sweep ski pant size XL (but euro sizing so closer to a L) brand new with tags. Eider has a very well regarded reputation in euroland, and these are solid pants. $100...
  43. FS: Black Diamond Glidelite skins 140mm BRAND NEW $100

    For sale is a pair of 140mm Black Diamond Glidelite Ascention nylon skins with STS tail attachment in box brand new. Will sell for $100 in Bellingham or $110 shipped.127822
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    K2 Public Enemy in great shape 179cm $80

    127820For sale are a 179cm pair of K2 public enemies in great shape (no bad damage to bases), edges could use a de burr but thats about it. Mounted once at +6 for look bindings. Lots of life left...
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    not sure what you guys are talking about. You...

    not sure what you guys are talking about. You can get film processed at costco for $1.50, with prints for $5. I shoot digital and still shoot film. you can buy film for a couple bucks a roll...
  46. interesting

    sorry about that, my stunt double didn't get the wardrobe memo

    interesting about the locked bike, I might have better luck given that I live here and frequent lesser known sports that a frame lock...
  47. New Video of riding on Maui just uploaded

    please check it out if you want guys, it's me cruising around Maui for the day. Put out by Fairdale, who I just joined the team of.
  48. please???????

  49. Please??????

  50. Looking for the OCT. 2011 issue of powder magazine

    Hi, anyone want to send me the oct. 2011 issue of powder if they've already read it? Im living in the middle of the pacific, and need a ski fix. I subscribed but missed the oct. and nov. issue. I...
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