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  1. Bump it!

    Bump it!
  2. FS: Black Diamond 9.6 Dynamic Rope

    Hello All,
    I'm selling a 60m 9.6 Black Diamond climbing (dynamic) rope. I bought it in March 2017, and used it on three times for trad climbing. The rope is in excellent condition, and has always...
  3. It is Wrights Lake road, and you can park in the...

    It is Wrights Lake road, and you can park in the lot that is just before the entrance gate to the lake. It was a big day, but only 6 hours round trip, which isn't too bad.
  4. Desolation Wilderness Day Trip

    On Sunday, July 7th, I went out to make this year's attempt at my semi-yearly pilgrimage to certain north/northeast bowl in Desolation Wilderness, and this year didn't disappoint. Not including an...
  5. FS: DMM Renegade Harness - used once

    I know used harnesses are generally not recommended, but I forgot my harness at home while on a day trip and bought this one. I used it for one 3 pitch route, and I have no need for it anymore. I...
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    Looks tasty!

    Looks tasty!
  7. Looks like fun!

    Looks like fun!
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    Sticky: Sac Town

    Long time lurker, tryin' to post more!
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    Snow Level

    You weren't able to park at the TH, correct? I was thinking about heading up for the HW route, but am hoping for some road beta.
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    Parking in any Lassen VNP lot overnight is permitted. You will have to pay the usual entrance fee, but a fair amount of people do it. Don't sleep in the Sulphur Works lot as you will get a splitting...
  11. Good to know. See a lot of suncups?

    Good to know. See a lot of suncups?
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